Friday, 28 May 2010


Good Lord. Me and color, as I've stated before have a very strained relationship. As such I picked reference photos that contained very bright and vibrant colors, hoping that I could overload my brain into making more use of the palette. It wasn't a complete failure, thankfully. At the time of writing this I'm kind of spent after having my arse kicked by a flu virus, but feel 100% free to give critiques and comments to help me become MOAR BETTER!

Hummingbird - May 25th. 90 Minutes.

Peacock (such a derogatory name!) - May 26th. 140 Minutes.

Blue teeny weeny frog - May 27th. 140 Minutes.

Orange teeny weeny frog - May 28th. 150 Minutes.


  1. why sure you can paint... but can you dance?

    good stuff biffer!

  2. Excellent - I still have no idea how you get these done so quickly. Great stuff!

  3. Fungi; I cannot!

    JP: Wow, that means a lot to hear! I'm not 100% sure myself, since I've always been notoriously slow when drawing, let alone painting, but these came relatively easy for whatever reason. The photo reference helped though, obviously!