Friday, 24 September 2010

Then paint some more after that.

Right! Another week has passed and that means... MORE PAINTINGS. Down to four a week now (meaning one a day Mon through Thu), but I still feel like I'm making decent headway.

Painted on September 20th in 120 minutes.

Painted on September 21st in 110 minutes. He's just got the most adorable expression! Who's a widdle woosigoosi frog, den? Who's a widdle woosi oh God it's poisonous.

Painted on September 22nd in 60 minutes (I was very short on time, clearly).

Painted on September 23rd in 90 minutes. Some sloppiness on the tail feathers in particular but I think it gets the point across fairly well.

Aaaand Dee-du-du-dee-dudu-dee Dat's All, Folks!
Well, for this week, at least.


Friday, 17 September 2010

Paint more.

So yeah. Only four paintings this week, one of which turned out quite poorly much to my chagrin. Still, I'll put it here as it IS one of many speedpaintings/studies, and thus qualifies for the blog. I also experimented a bit with a new approach to color this week. The overall results are, I think, quite pleasant -- With that one nagging exception!

Painted on September 13th in 60 minutes. Actually rather pleased with this one!

Painted on September 14th in 60 minutes. This one made me happy as well. Surely nothing can go wrong?!

Painted on September 15th in 150 minutes. FFFFUUUUUUUU--

Painted on September 16th in 120 minutes. Not unhappy with this one. Still need to get used to the new color approach though. Figure out what I did differently at the start of the week, kind of thing.

Right, that's all for this week! XOXOXO and that.


Friday, 10 September 2010

Untz untz let's paint more landscapes!

Another week has gone by, well mostly at least - I'll be busy this weekend with a SECRET(!). The good news, if you can call them that, is that the update is a day early! Yay.

60 minutes on September 7th

90 minutes on September 8th

80 minutes on September 9th

85 minutes on September 10th.

That's all I got this week, folks. Have a great weekend! 


Sunday, 5 September 2010

Another week... That means more paintings!

Right! Well, might as well get to it. Trying to wrap my head around environments now. They require a completely different approach than portraits, but the goal for me is, to keep things moving along in the same direction, to get a sense of the values involved. Pju, pju.

Painted on September 1st in 90 minutes. First landscape in a long time!

September 2nd. Again 90 minutes.

September 3rd. 75 minutes! Ooooh, fighting the clock :o

September 5th - 45 minutes. I'm surprised it looked like anything much at all after that little time, but I had to run some errands so it had to be called finished regardless!

Another quickie! An hour on this one, also from September 5th. Phew. Now I believe it's time to start cooking!