Monday, 24 May 2010

Please, send help. It just keeps posting!

Right. Color landscapes. Me and color have a hate/hate relationship since as long as I can remember. Jack Allen (jackwhat to some) and my old tutor Nicodemus Mattisson have helped me immensely by recommending materials to study and help me understand. As far as colors go, I'm still very much a pansy when using them and often find myself slightly flummoxed and unsure what to do. Still, without practise I won't make any headway at all, so it's into the breach!

From a photo of the Grand Canyon. Painted on May 12th in 120 minutes.

A fallen tree. Some color correction applied. I went overboard with yellows and greens in the original. Forests are very difficult!! Painted on May 13th.

I wish I could remember what this place was called! So cool. May 14th, 120 minutes.

I wish I knew where THIS was, too! Looks like a river of clouds, almost. May 15th, 150 minutes; Most of them spent trying to figure out the foliage, which still ended up as barely passable.

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