Monday, 24 May 2010

Oh dear, I can't seem to stop it now.

More pictures. Landscapes this time!

What the... Color? We'll have to fix that post-haste! (April 30th, 90 minutes after one of my dad's photos)

I believe this is the Boulder Dam in Colorado. May 2nd, 75 minutes.

Some stables in England. Had to wrap this one up really fast so there are no windows on the main building! Whoops! April 4th, 85 minutes.

Painted from an old photo of New York (Brooklyn Bridge featured in the background) on May 5th. 90 minutes.

Old Russia! Painted on the 6th of May. 75 minutes.

Back alley in Arles, France. 7th of May, 90 minutes.

British countryside. Had a lot of bother with the distorted perspective from the camera lens which led me to omit both the water reflections and the WINDOWS OF THE BUILDINGS (DAMN IT) AGAIN to meet my personal time limit. May 10th, 75 minutes.

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