Monday, 24 May 2010

It seems to be working... It's just not very pretty!

More images coming here. Since the blog is just getting started it's going to be a bit of a bombardment for a little while now. Once that has subsided I would expect maybe a weekly or montly update.

Ah! A value study of a person. That is very uncommon! 19th of April, 75 minutes.

April 22nd. Very happy with how this one turned out. Plus I made all the brushes myself! Yayaaay! 80 minutes.

Sad man is sad. April 23rd, 90 minutes.

Oooh Laurence Olivier. Some proportions are quite off, but it still turned out OK, I think. April 25th, 90 minutes.

What a little hellraiser! First time for me drawing OR painting someone who isn't caucasian. Very interesting. 26th of April, 90 minutes.

Trying out a "rougher" look for things. April 29th, 90 minutes.

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