Monday, 24 May 2010

Oh wait, I think it's slowing down... Whew.

Right last images here for a while now, I think. More value studies of people.

Can you tell I was kind of anxiously awaiting Red Dead Redemption here? May 18th, 80 minutes.

This is what all bad guys should look like. Well, maybe not all, but he's way evil. May 20th, 90 minutes.

This is probably NOT what all bad guys should look like. May 21st, 120 minutes.

And, finally, the last image in this monster batch. Very sombre-looking bloke, this. May 23rd (yesterday, at the time of posting), 80 minutes.


  1. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? how long have you been secretly doing these?

  2. they are all bloody amazing :) I'm so proud of you!

  3. Hi Marco! I've been doing them for about.. Well I think they're dated actually! Since early March, I guess.

    Thank you Dani! Soon it's school time again! WOO!