Friday, 28 May 2010


Good Lord. Me and color, as I've stated before have a very strained relationship. As such I picked reference photos that contained very bright and vibrant colors, hoping that I could overload my brain into making more use of the palette. It wasn't a complete failure, thankfully. At the time of writing this I'm kind of spent after having my arse kicked by a flu virus, but feel 100% free to give critiques and comments to help me become MOAR BETTER!

Hummingbird - May 25th. 90 Minutes.

Peacock (such a derogatory name!) - May 26th. 140 Minutes.

Blue teeny weeny frog - May 27th. 140 Minutes.

Orange teeny weeny frog - May 28th. 150 Minutes.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Oh wait, I think it's slowing down... Whew.

Right last images here for a while now, I think. More value studies of people.

Can you tell I was kind of anxiously awaiting Red Dead Redemption here? May 18th, 80 minutes.

This is what all bad guys should look like. Well, maybe not all, but he's way evil. May 20th, 90 minutes.

This is probably NOT what all bad guys should look like. May 21st, 120 minutes.

And, finally, the last image in this monster batch. Very sombre-looking bloke, this. May 23rd (yesterday, at the time of posting), 80 minutes.

Please, send help. It just keeps posting!

Right. Color landscapes. Me and color have a hate/hate relationship since as long as I can remember. Jack Allen (jackwhat to some) and my old tutor Nicodemus Mattisson have helped me immensely by recommending materials to study and help me understand. As far as colors go, I'm still very much a pansy when using them and often find myself slightly flummoxed and unsure what to do. Still, without practise I won't make any headway at all, so it's into the breach!

From a photo of the Grand Canyon. Painted on May 12th in 120 minutes.

A fallen tree. Some color correction applied. I went overboard with yellows and greens in the original. Forests are very difficult!! Painted on May 13th.

I wish I could remember what this place was called! So cool. May 14th, 120 minutes.

I wish I knew where THIS was, too! Looks like a river of clouds, almost. May 15th, 150 minutes; Most of them spent trying to figure out the foliage, which still ended up as barely passable.

Oh dear, I can't seem to stop it now.

More pictures. Landscapes this time!

What the... Color? We'll have to fix that post-haste! (April 30th, 90 minutes after one of my dad's photos)

I believe this is the Boulder Dam in Colorado. May 2nd, 75 minutes.

Some stables in England. Had to wrap this one up really fast so there are no windows on the main building! Whoops! April 4th, 85 minutes.

Painted from an old photo of New York (Brooklyn Bridge featured in the background) on May 5th. 90 minutes.

Old Russia! Painted on the 6th of May. 75 minutes.

Back alley in Arles, France. 7th of May, 90 minutes.

British countryside. Had a lot of bother with the distorted perspective from the camera lens which led me to omit both the water reflections and the WINDOWS OF THE BUILDINGS (DAMN IT) AGAIN to meet my personal time limit. May 10th, 75 minutes.

It seems to be working... It's just not very pretty!

More images coming here. Since the blog is just getting started it's going to be a bit of a bombardment for a little while now. Once that has subsided I would expect maybe a weekly or montly update.

Ah! A value study of a person. That is very uncommon! 19th of April, 75 minutes.

April 22nd. Very happy with how this one turned out. Plus I made all the brushes myself! Yayaaay! 80 minutes.

Sad man is sad. April 23rd, 90 minutes.

Oooh Laurence Olivier. Some proportions are quite off, but it still turned out OK, I think. April 25th, 90 minutes.

What a little hellraiser! First time for me drawing OR painting someone who isn't caucasian. Very interesting. 26th of April, 90 minutes.

Trying out a "rougher" look for things. April 29th, 90 minutes.

Let's see if I can get this to work... (24052010)

Right, so I guess it's finally time to take the plunge and try to show some paint studies I've been trying to make to the general public. This will largely entail concept pieces, color studies and value studies that are done outside of school. Hopefully the pressure of having to update a blog won't have the USUAL effect on me, which is that I stop painting altogether. Anywho, here come some pictures.

I'll post these in chronological order so that hopefully they make some kind of sense, and perhaps even some personal progression is distinguishable;

This dapper fellow was painted on the 5th of March. He has 75 minutes to his name.

This lass was painted on the 6th of March and took me a good 93 minutes!

And finally, this landscape painting (after my father's photograph) was done on the 2nd of April just after the course I was reading finished.

More to come in a few minutes!