Friday, 17 September 2010

Paint more.

So yeah. Only four paintings this week, one of which turned out quite poorly much to my chagrin. Still, I'll put it here as it IS one of many speedpaintings/studies, and thus qualifies for the blog. I also experimented a bit with a new approach to color this week. The overall results are, I think, quite pleasant -- With that one nagging exception!

Painted on September 13th in 60 minutes. Actually rather pleased with this one!

Painted on September 14th in 60 minutes. This one made me happy as well. Surely nothing can go wrong?!

Painted on September 15th in 150 minutes. FFFFUUUUUUUU--

Painted on September 16th in 120 minutes. Not unhappy with this one. Still need to get used to the new color approach though. Figure out what I did differently at the start of the week, kind of thing.

Right, that's all for this week! XOXOXO and that.



  1. Skitsnyggt! Gött o se lite mer färg från dej.
    Är det studier eller från hövve?

  2. Tack så mycket, Staffan!
    Det är studier. Det kommer bli en klar klasskillnad när jag börjar måla från huvudet misstänker jag. I varje fall om jag gör det kvickt. Försöker mest fokusera på att FÖRSTÅ just nu.