Sunday, 5 September 2010

Another week... That means more paintings!

Right! Well, might as well get to it. Trying to wrap my head around environments now. They require a completely different approach than portraits, but the goal for me is, to keep things moving along in the same direction, to get a sense of the values involved. Pju, pju.

Painted on September 1st in 90 minutes. First landscape in a long time!

September 2nd. Again 90 minutes.

September 3rd. 75 minutes! Ooooh, fighting the clock :o

September 5th - 45 minutes. I'm surprised it looked like anything much at all after that little time, but I had to run some errands so it had to be called finished regardless!

Another quickie! An hour on this one, also from September 5th. Phew. Now I believe it's time to start cooking!


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  1. :) awesome work! you just keep getting better and better, like a snowball of awesome